5 Benefits Of Biking Or Commuting On Foot

After almost two years of being required to stay home, many of us look for ways to get out of the house while staying socially distanced. For employees returning to an office, switching from car to bike as a mode of transportation has become a welcome change. Walking is also a desirable option for others who live a short distance from their jobs or from a remote workspace, like LAUFT. 

If you’re near your office or a LAUFT location, here are our top reasons to consider ditching your vehicle in favour of your bike.

Physical Fitness. The health benefits alone are a great reason to hop on your bike and make the trek to work. Not to mention combining daily exercise with commuting to eliminate one “to do” off your list. Cycling improves cardiovascular health by raising your heart rate for a set duration during your work commute. It also improves muscle tone by working your legs, back, arms and core as you move over changing terrain. Walking loosens up tight muscles, improves cardiovascular health and allows you time to wind down at the end of the day.

Mental Health. The physical exertion of exercise is a known mood-booster as it releases endorphins that make you feel happier. By the time you arrive at work, you will be focused, engaged and looking forward to your day. Rough day at the office? Don’t worry, you have that great ride or walk home to de-stress before shifting into family mode. Daily exercise also helps prevent cognitive decline and improve memory and overall brain performance

Financial Wellness. It’s no secret that less time driving translates to less money flying out of your wallet. A bike requires no additional cost to run (except maybe an annual tune-up) and walking needs only a good pair of runners. Instead of spending hundreds in gas every month (not to mention car insurance), splurge on a comfortable, lightweight backpack, good bike lock and a quality water bottle. You might even save money on that drive-thru habit since riding and eating is not recommended! Get moving and watch the pennies pile up.

Carbon Footprint. In North America, the average vehicle releases approximately 0.86kg of C02 per kilometre. That same driver on a bicycle only emits 7grams (or 0.0007kg) of C02 through respiration. There’s no question that commuting by bike (or foot) reduces your carbon footprint dramatically. Even if you only change your commute habits once or twice a week, you're doing your part to help the environment. 

Quality of Life. Think back to when you were a child...that feeling of freedom your bike gave you to take off and explore with your friends. Cycling is one of those activities you can do at any age or stage of life. It’s energizing and fun, and you’ll never lose the skills to enjoy a good bike ride. Taking that stroll to work, whether lingering or quick-paced, allows you to soak up the sights or work out a problem you may be struggling with.

Whether walking or cycling, spending time outdoors is great for your mood, health and soul, and now you've got even more time for it.

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