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Adapting Workplaces in Canada: A Shift Towards Flexibility and Collaboration

Recent findings show that 64% of Canadian workers support returning to the office, mainly for collaboration and social interaction. Yet, only 40% believe their workplaces are well-equipped for hybrid work, indicating a gap in office design, especially for collaborative spaces. Many offices are still filled with individual desks, lacking meeting and collaboration areas, a concern for 83% of employers.

To address these issues, two-thirds of companies are revamping their office layouts or plan to within two years, aiming to better accommodate current work needs. There's also a growing interest in incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into operations, though adoption seems slow. Shannon Leininger of Cisco Canada suggests prioritizing AI-enabled, purpose-built office spaces to meet evolving employee needs.

The hybrid work model, blending remote and in-office work, remains popular among employees, with 29% preferring it. Employers' preferences are similar, with a mix favouring hybrid, mostly in-office, and remote work. This evolution in workplace preferences highlights a shift towards more adaptable and technologically integrated work environments, emphasizing the need for innovation and flexibility in meeting workforce expectations.

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