Discover The Charm Of LAUFT King East: Your Hub For Productivity And Convenience In Downtown Toronto

Situated in the vibrant heart of downtown Toronto, our King East location offers a welcoming and conveniently accessible space, ideal for fostering productivity throughout your day.


King Street holds significant historical importance as one of Toronto's primary commercial roadways. It traces its origins back to the town of York's initial layout in 1793, a foundational plan for what would evolve into Toronto by 1834. Unfortunately, the street witnessed the devastation of the 1849 Great Fire of Toronto, also dubbed the Cathedral Fire, resulting in the destruction of numerous buildings, including City Hall. However, the resilience of the community prevailed, leading to reconstruction in the aftermath of the tragic event.

Today, King Street East is popularly known as the high-end, luxury furniture district of downtown Toronto, with dozens of stores on its path and in the surrounding area.

Image on the left displays a historic photo of 95 King Street East. Image on the right shows a modern photo of the building.


Amenities & Attractions

In close proximity to LAUFT King East, you'll discover a wealth of amenities, ranging from retail outlets and cozy coffee shops to vibrant eateries, scenic parks, convenient public transportation options, and captivating attractions. 

In the vicinity of our King East location, you'll find a variety of dining options. Whether you're in the mood for a quick lunch at Freshii or a relaxing evening meal at Piano Piano Restaurant, there's something nearby to satisfy your cravings.

Taking a three-minute walk from LAUFT King East, you will find a conveniently located Metro supermarket, where you can easily pick up fresh groceries to bring home after a productive work session.

A short five-minute walk southeast of LAUFT King East lies St. Lawrence Market, a cherished landmark in Toronto renowned for its rich history and bustling atmosphere. Here, you'll encounter a diverse array of vendors, skilled artisans, fresh produce, delectable baked goods, premium meats, and unique antiques, making it a must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike.

A brief stroll will also take you to the iconic Gooderham Building, a striking redbrick flatiron structure dating back to 1892. Adorned with a captivating trompe l'oeil mural, this architectural gem also houses a charming British-style pub. Nearby, you'll find Berczy Park, a tree-lined oasis with an open plaza featuring a two-tiered fountain adorned with whimsical sculptures of dogs and cats. Keep an eye out for an amusing detail: the dog statues are all eyeing the bone perched atop the fountain.

For those passionate about sports, the Hockey Hall of Fame is conveniently located within a brief 10-minute walk. Nearby, you'll discover Brookfield Place, boasting a diverse food court and the impressive Allen Lambert Galleria.

Mail Service

Incorporating a range of amenities, our King East location provides additional benefits tailored to our clients. Crafted with the busy professional in mind, we offer mail service to ensure timely delivery of your important mail. Sign up today and enjoy the convenience of picking up your mail whenever you visit LAUFT King East. It's hassle-free, reliable, and designed just for you. 

Long Term Rentals

At this location, we also offer office rentals for both 6-month and 12-month terms, allowing you to secure a dedicated workspace for an extended period. If you're interested in learning more, we invite you to join our waitlist for further details.


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