Remote Teams and Tools: The essentials

Remote work is about setting your team members up to be productive, engaged and happy. But, when everyone is everywhere, staying connected can be tricky. Getting your team off on the right foot with the right tools will help maintain morale and connectivity no matter where you are.

Here are just some of the tools available to help remote teams work more effectively. 

Web Conferencing

A lot has changed in how we communicate since the pandemic forced many employees home. Platforms like Zoom came to the forefront as a tool to connect workers, family and friends. Most other platforms fall into the same realm and offer a similar service that allows multiple people to join a meeting and collaborate with team members over video. Zoom has worked well for personal use as it provides free service for a 40-minute session, but for companies requiring more regular use, they can purchase a monthly subscription to Zoom or use Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Webex.

Messaging Tools

To communicate effectively with team members and coworkers, a messaging system specifically for the workplace can keep notes, links and feedback in one place. Slack and Troop Messenger are remote worker messenger solutions designed to keep teams connected. Discuss projects, progress and deadlines by creating one-to-one or group chats relevant to your daily tasks. 

Project Management

Most remote teams need an interactive online project management tool where employees can access all of the information all of the time. ProofHub is complete all-in-one remote project management software that allows seamless interaction with team members and clients. Basecamp and Teamwork are other popular online project management software solutions designed specifically for remote teams.  

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage gained momentum when remote workers needed to share files too large to send by email. Today, several cloud storage tools allow your team to access, download, edit, and store files for a monthly or annual fee. Google Drive is an easy win if you’re already using the suite of tools to collaborate and share. Dropbox offers various levels of storage depending on the company size, usage and storage needs. Another popular competitor in this space is BOX, which offers multiple storage plans focused on industry needs. 

Management and Team Collaboration

When workers are happy with their managers, they’re satisfied with their work. Managing people has become more challenging as you try to meet the needs of your remote workers without actually seeing physical bodies in the office. Tools such as Soapbox, Huddle and Fellow allow managers to collaborate with employees, track tasks and manage performance.

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