Flexible workplaces a win-win for employees and employers

Flexible workplaces are becoming more and more popular among employees, and for good reason. A recent report from Benefits Canada highlights the many benefits of flexible work arrangements, not just for employees, but for employers as well.
One of the biggest advantages of flexible workplaces is that they allow for a better work-life balance. This is particularly important for employees with families, who may have difficulty balancing the demands of work and home. Flexible work arrangements and schedules can help these employees better manage their time and reduce stress.
Flexible workplaces also benefit employers in several ways. For example, they can help attract and retain top talent, as more and more job seekers are looking for employers who offer flexible work options. Additionally, flexible work arrangements can increase employee engagement and productivity, as employees who have more control over their work schedules tend to be more motivated and invested in their jobs.
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