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Get To Know Melissa Antonio

ma (1)At LAUFT, we recognize the transformative influence of art on our experiences, mental stimulation, and connection with our environment. That's why we embellish our walls with exquisite pieces by talented local artists.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Melissa Antonio, our current artist in residence, to delve deeper into her creative journey.

Can you share a bit about your journey as a painter and how you discovered your passion for art?

"My journey as a painter began unexpectedly during a summer long weekend back in 2017. While spending time with my family, I saw my cousins by the water with paint brushes and notebooks. I couldn't help myself from getting in on the action! It felt so good to just put the paint to the paper and create anything I wanted. Upon returning home from the trip, I went to a nearby store and purchased basic painting supplies. However, my first few attempts at painting were filled with trial and error as I navigated the learning curve of this new artistic endeavour. It wasn't until I stumbled upon the abstract style that I truly found my groove. Abstract painting resonated with me in a profound way, offering a sense of freedom and self-expression that I hadn't experienced before. With each stroke of the brush, I felt the sense of creativity and joy, and my passion for art began to blossom. As I continued to explore the world of painting, I invested in artist-grade materials and honed my skills through practice and experimentation. Over time, my love for creating abstract pieces grew exponentially, becoming an essential part of my life and identity."

From your perspective, how does art contribute to fostering a more innovative, productive, and creative atmosphere in a workplace?

"Artwork in the workplace provides visual stimulation and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the whole environment. This can improve mood and motivation, leading to higher levels of engagement and focus among employees.  Discussing artwork or participating in creative activities together can help in communication, collaboration, and team bonding, leading to more effective teamwork and problem-solving. Showcasing art from local artists displays a commitment to the community and its entrepreneurs that any workplace strives to achieve."

What's your go-to routine before or during your creative process to make sure you're all set to create beautiful artwork?

"My go-to routine starts with curating the perfect playlist. Depending on my mood, I'll select one best suited to the idea I have for a specific piece. With my headphones on (at maximum volume, whoops) the music will take me through and influence the entire creative journey. Music, dancing and painting is a must to achieve the best outcome of each art piece."

What advice would you give aspiring artists seeking to turn their passion into a profession?

"The advice I would give aspiring artists would be to start with honing your craft. You want to take classes, do research, take online courses and practice as much as possible so you can refine your craft. Connect with fellow artists through networking events, social media, and online platforms. This will help you gain exposure and expand your professional network. Develop a consistent brand identity and develop strategic marketing techniques to increase visibility. Stay true to your artistic vision and values. Don't compromise your creativity for commercial success, and continue to create art that resonates with you on a personal level. And always have fun, don't lose sight of why you started this journey."

At our artist residency program here at LAUFT, we highlight a quote from Dostevosky who was a Russian novelist, he said, “Beauty will save the world”, what does a beautiful world mean or look like to you?

"A beautiful world would be where people treat each other with kindness and respect, regardless of differences in background, beliefs, or status. Creativity is abundant, and individuals are encouraged to express themselves authentically. Ultimately, a beautiful world is one where love, connection, and a sense of belonging are abundant, fostering a shared sense of joy and fulfilment for all inhabitants."

Our Artist In Residence initiative celebrates the vibrant talents of local artists, offering them a platform to showcase their creations to our community. If you're interested in having your work featured in LAUFT workspaces, kindly send us an introduction along with a link to your portfolio via email.

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