Graham Wong Speaks With Retail Insider About Expansion Plans and New Government Collaboration

LAUFT founder, Graham Wong, recently shared his vision for the future of work and LAUFT's role in delivering this experience in an interview with Shelby Hautala, a journalist from Retailer Insider.

In addition to discussing LAUFT's plans to launch EVNT, a new on-demand event space, Graham also delves into the company's collaboration with the government to support entrepreneurs and small businesses.

“Really what we are looking at doing and really what we want, is to build the Starbucks of workspaces with an Uber-like experience”, shares Graham Wong.  “In this evolving landscape, LAUFT is not just creating spaces; it is crafting experiences catering to the modern professional’s need for flexibility, innovation, and a work-life balance. As LAUFT expands its footprint, it brings us one step closer to a future where workplaces are as dynamic and diverse as the people who use them, offering a glimpse into a world where our environments are tailored not just for our tasks – but for our lifestyles.”

To dive deeper into LAUFT's initiatives aimed at redefining traditional workspaces and nurturing a dynamic community of creators and innovators, check out the full interview.

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