Managers scramble to inspire workers as collaboration dips

Companies are facing a big challenge in how to bring their employees together to collaborate while working in a hybrid environment.
A lot of companies have tried different initiatives like mandating employee days in the office or using digital whiteboards, but many of these efforts have not been successful.
One solution that seems to be working well is collaboration-centered social events. These events, such as sustainable cooking classes or outdoor experiences, help to build the social capital that is necessary for high performance. These social events help to reconnect teams and provide a sense of company culture that employees have been missing while working from home.
Additionally, managers are trying to encourage collaboration by organizing teams to come back to the office on the same days of the week. This helps to build team culture, and employees feel that they have earned the commute.
In the end, companies should focus on creating a sense of purpose for coming to the office or working together elsewhere that aligns with their employees' needs and preferences. One solution that can help achieve this is LAUFT, which provides a platform for virtual team building events and activities that promote collaboration and team culture, making it a perfect solution for companies in the hybrid working era.
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