People Are Doing More Than Playing At Disney World

In a world where remote work is becoming the norm, some are taking it to the next level by setting up their laptops in the most magical place on earth: Disney World. From Disney bloggers to tech professionals, a growing number of adults are documenting their remote work adventures from within the parks, sparking both admiration and criticism.

Since around 2022, coinciding with a post-pandemic surge in park visitors and the rise of remote work, individuals have been flocking to Disney World to work while enjoying the enchanting atmosphere. AJ Wolfe, a veteran Disney blogger, notes that people are drawn to the idea of living closer to their happy place and seamlessly integrating work and leisure.

The emergence of remote work at Disney World has blurred the lines between conventional workspaces and leisure time. However, it has also faced skepticism and criticism, with some questioning the ethics of occupying space meant for dining with work setups. Nevertheless, Disney has adapted by providing more charging stations and amenities for guests who choose to work remotely.

This trend is not limited to Disney enthusiasts documenting their experiences online; it has also given rise to a growing community of content creators dedicated to all things Disney. From travel planning services to daily content creation on various social media platforms, individuals are finding ways to monetize their passion for Disney.

However, not everyone is in it for the money. Many find solace and community in sharing their Disney experiences online, turning Epcot into their version of a neighborhood coffee shop. As Wolfe aptly puts it, instead of turning to Netflix, they close their laptops and embark on a journey through Spaceship Earth.

In conclusion, remote work at Disney World represents a unique fusion of work and play, appealing to those seeking to integrate their passion for Disney into their daily lives. While it may raise eyebrows, for many, it's a dream come true: being able to work while surrounded by the magic of Disney.

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