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Tax Time Need not be a Grind for Accountants

Those working in the accounting world know how challenging tax season can be. Long hours, tight deadlines and a demanding schedule. Remote work became a reality for most knowledge workers through the pandemic. Today, hybrid work allows accountants to work from home when necessary while still being able to meet with clients or colleagues in person, at the office or in a flexible workspace. As we’ve witnessed since 2020, life can throw all sorts of unexpected curve balls, so having the option of where to work, given the day's situation, can help reduce stress and anxiety for accountants and their clients. The hybrid option gives these professionals more flexibility to help reduce burnout and create a better balance between their personal and professional lives.
Remote work allows this profession to work with out-of-town clients without adding travel costs and time into their schedules. Many clients value the convenience of meeting with their accountant remotely, particularly if they are located in a different city or country. This can make the process of filing taxes more streamlined and efficient, which can be a major advantage for both the client and the tax accountant. 
And when a client does want to meet, a flexible workspace can provide a professional location to meet, with secure WiFi to protect sensitive financial data. 
The hybrid option allows for greater flexibility, specialization, and convenience, all of which can help to improve the tax accounting process for everyone involved. CPA Canada recently interviewed three CPAs to get their perspective on the remote vs office debate. Not surprisingly, flexibility came up as the main consideration for each of them when evaluating their work situation. 
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