Think Hybrid Work Doesn’t Work? The Data Disagrees

Organizations who describe their workplace model as “hybrid” are often focusing on one aspect - how they dictate flexibility. Mandating several days a week in-office at a specific location might be presented as a “flexible hybrid option”, but unless they make these arrangements employee-centric, it’s just lip service. 
A survey by Gartner of more than 400 employees worldwide found that most hybrid work models that were imposed on employees delivered below-average outcomes. 

By contrast, hybrid models that request input from employees and allow for autonomy to decide when and where they work have a higher employee satisfaction and retention rate. Empowering employees is a critical step in defining a company’s hybrid model - that is, if they want it to work. 

Read the full article here - https://www.gartner.com/en/articles/think-hybrid-work-doesnt-work-the-data-disagrees 

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