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Work Life Balance Isn't A Thing Anymore

Just over a year ago, many of us who weren't already working remotely were commuting to an office daily. We managed the routine of the traditional workday, fully fitted with fluorescent lighting that had the power to drain the life right out of us.

We dreamt of how we could recover those countless hours spent in traffic. We created micro-events that kept us sane throughout the day. We persisted to find positive work-life balance. The corner coffee shop runs, our favourite lunch spot, quick afternoon walks in the sun to reinvigorate our tired brains. We endured the routine but became numb to it. After all, this is what we have to do to build a sustainable future.

Isn't it?

Fast forward to now and some of us have established a pretty good work-from-home rhythm, while others are still getting into the groove of working from a space where pets also need attention, kids are creating chaos, teenagers are grieving their adolescence, and partners are on zoom calls working against deadlines as important as our own.

But there's one thing that allows all of this to work - our time has become our own.

So, while remote work has presented us with significant challenges, we’ve also been exposed to the one possibility we’ve collectively been pining for since work was invented (and no, it's not "work-life balance".)

It's harmony.

The notion of "work-life balance" has traditionally been a tool to lure in great talent without guaranteeing remote work options, but if forced work-from-home life has taught us anything, it's how to find harmony in this big, beautiful life where our time is finally feeling like our own again.

Now we have choices and the routine no longer feels mundane. We can spend more time with the people we love and adjust our hours to fall in line with family needs, turning commuting time into an exercise routine, a coffee date with someone we miss, or just catching up on life in general, which includes time for mental health and self-care.

Welcome to work-life harmony, you can officially say goodbye to the balancing act.

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